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Tom’s Foolery   Jewelry Maker


“Passion at Work”


             The creating process still amazes me. It has becomes a magical thing for me. How many completely different types of works you can make with just a small amount of wire or sheet. My passion for creativity started over 30 years ago working with wood, stained glass, fused glass and now trying to be a jewelry artist. Arriving at this destination was an accident as most things in my life. My yearning to learn new and more demanding techniques has altered my focus completely. Jewelry has so many different roads where mind, heart and soul comes together and becomes a major part of the process.


   Over the years my desire to create has become the most demanding and exciting force in my life. I cannot imagine my work standing still, not moving to a higher challenge with unexpected twists on the path. If I had to describe myself in just a single word it would be driven. I am very passionate at whatever I do. I cannot slow down learning. I love learning and using my hands, I am a Maker. I see something and go I think I can make that. I challenge myself to do just that.


All the different techniques I have learn has been from the School of Hard Knocks. I attempted to take a jewelry making class and lasted 3 sessions. It interfered with my real job and could not attend. What I have learn has been over the internet, reading and watching videos. I am gratefully all the talented and giving individual that post videos etc. on YouTube. It gives me just enough knowledge to attempt different techniques.


My main focus in the past had been ChainMaille and Dichroic glass. What I have found in Jewelry everything moves on. What was in style last year can be out of style this year?  When I first started building for art shows it was about production. Working a full time job I had to build, build, and build. When the show season starts I have little time to create. I also want to create pieces that anyone can afford. The tide has turn. I still build some production pieces, but it is becoming more about the art. Some of my pieces are for that one special customer not for everyone.


My latest fascination has been saw piercing or fret work. Using just simple basic tools drill, jewelers saw, files and sandpaper and a lot of time. It is a very detailed, time consuming art. Typically pieces take about 3 hours to compete.  When I get done with most pieces I can set back and say “Wow , I like that.”



Dream – Believe – Create.