ChainMaille Jewelry Gallery – A collection of Tom’s Foolery works. I work with many different types of metal in my chain work. I use Argentium Sterling Silver, 14 kt Gold Fill, Copper, Bronze, or a 2 tone mix of Copper & Sterling, 14kt Gold Fill & Sterling as well as Anodized Aluminum.  I have a mixture of Bracelets, Earrings, Pendants, and Necklaces. Bracelets are custom fitted just for you.
The artist breathes life into the wire. The wire starts its journey from a boring piece of wire to becoming this beautiful jewelry. It starts with taking wire and coiling into a spring shape. It is then put  into a cutting jig where the spring is cut into hundreds of rings. Each jump ring is then open and weaved into its own unique design. Weaving ChainMaille Jewelry is extremely time-consuming. You must be precise for the pattern to hold its beauty and shape.   Quality and your Satisfaction is my goal! Finishing is just as important as the creating the chainmaille.
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