Sterling SIlver ChainMaille Necklace-Romanov Weave Closeup

Now that you have /or are looking to buy  ChainMaille how do you  take Care of Your ChainMaille Jewelry is important.

While chainmaille is a very sturdy construction, it is not indestructible. Treat it with care and avoid getting it caught on things. The rings are not  soldered closed, so with enough pull, the rings could open up slightly. Remember its jewelry and treat it like it is jewelry.

How to Take Care of Your ChainMaille Jewelry

Take off  your jewelry before washing your hands so that soapy residue doesn’t build up inside the chainmaille weave.

 Avoid wearing chainmaille or any jewelry in the swimming pool or Jacuzzi as chlorine will discolor it.

Keep chainmaille away from household cleaners and bleach

The finishes of wood surfaces, especially oak , contains acids that can affect your sterling, so avoid setting your sterling chainmaille on them.

If you decide to use a commercial jewelry dip to clean your silver or gold filled chainmaille be sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards with baking soda (a neutralizer) and plenty of clear water, if you have distilled water it is even better.

A tumbler is best if you can buy one read this page on Tumblers

Everyone is searching for a homemade cleaning tips and this one has been around a long time So I will post this video on how to use boiling water, baking soda and aluminum foil to clean you sterling silver jewelry. This will not polish up your jewelry but it will clean the tarnish and it works great on chainmaille because it is so hard to get in all the little places.

  1. Line a baking dish with aluminum foil.

  2. Pour in boiling water

  3. Add at least a couple of tablespoons of baking soda. More water = more baking soda.

  4. Drop in your silver jewelry. Make sure the silver is touching the aluminum foil and the liquid is covering the jewelry.

  5. Leave the jewelry in the bath for a few minutes.  (You can flip the jewelry over after a minute or so, but it’s not really necessary.) The tarnish should be gone.

  6. Throw away the aluminum foil, and pour the liquids down the drain.

  7. Rinse the jewelry well, and dry it with a soft cloth.

Without going into all the chemistry, here’s what is happening. The sulfides causing the tarnish are more attracted to aluminum than to silver. This “dip” helps the sulfides leave the silver and attach themselves to the aluminum foil

Here is the video showing the above process is really simple and you probably have everything already. use this at your own risk when cleaning jewelry with stones in them most have been injected with dyes to enhance their colors and could ruin their finish.

cleaning your jewelry video