Lotrone Tumbler

If you have a serious amount of jewelry and want the best means to keep it clean using a tumbler for cleaning your jewelry is the ultimate answer.

I do not sell them but use them all the time. If you bought your jewelry from me you can contact me about sending it to me to clean. The only cost will be your shipping back to you the cleaning will be free.


Using a rotary tumbler for cleaning your jewelry add some steel shot and your jewelry will come out in 2 hours unbelievable, you will swear it is brand new.


If you bought Copper Jewelry from me DO Not Tumble it has a lacquer on it.

Thumblers 3 lb. Model AR-1
My favorite tumbler


I do not advise using it on very small snake chains they will get knotted in the process and you will have a nightmare trying to untangle it.


I also would not use it on jewelry with stones or pearls set in them without googling on the internet to see if the stone will survive you actually could knock it loose.


If you get confused about cleaning your jewelry and need some further info please email me about it.


I will provide a few links if you are interested in  this information but be sure you get stainless steel shot so it does not rust on you and if they have a mix of balls, pins and needles this is much better to get in all the small spots. You will only need 1 pound of the mix.


Do not buy a tumbling kit the kits are for tumbling rocks and it will not work for what you want.


check out both ebay and amazon for possible choices


The 3 lb. Model AR-1 Rock Tumbler available from many places such as rockshed is my favorite tumblers it has held up excellent from many years of use and they have many parts to rebuild it if needed over time. Just do not buy the kit. It included media for actual rock tumbling which is not needed for jewelry cleaning.


a less expensive tumbler     http://www.harborfreight.com/3-lb-rotary-rock-tumbler-67631.html


a better one   http://www.beaducation.com/shop/lortone-tumbler-3-pound-capacity-p-507.html




you maybe able to find a better price for the same tumbler.


I have looked for a good place to by  the stainless steel shot but it is expensive but worth it.