Jewelry Care 1)        Safe Guard Your Jewelry!


One of the things I have learned creating jewelry and doing art shows that  there is a very strong emotionally connection between the  jewelry and the customer. Ladies usually take a lot of time and thought picking out their jewelry. Holding it,bonding, and stepping into the  mirror  and and asking someone else “What do you think?”  I have also on the downside found some people love to steal jewelry at art shows. I had a $600 necklace stolen at one show. It is common for some ladies to remove their jewelry while at work and just set it down not thinking that someone else might want to be emotionally and  physically attached to your jewelry. Please DO NOT  leaving your jewelry laying out whether at work or even in your own home

Jewelry Care 2)          Earring Keepers


Whenever I sell a pair of earrings I always include a small plastic earring keeper This to help keep you  from losing your earrings. DO NOT wear your Earrings without Keepers on them. I know how easy it is to skip this step when you are in a hurry to head down the road. I have often received a email asking if I had another pair of  their favorite earrings. They forgot to put the back on and now there gone. If you do not have any, have lost yours or just need a few they are cheap. Go to one of the brick and mortar jewelry stores and ask them if they have a couple pairs to buy. It should not cost more than $1 or so each.  It would be too expensive to buy online due to the shipping.


Jewelry Care 3)         Perfumes & HairSpray


DO NOT put your jewelry on first then put on your perfume, hand lotion or hairspray. Allow time to dry before putting on your jewelry. These all have chemicals in them and will attack the integrity of the metal and the general appearance. Hand lotions will get under ring settings. Difficult to remove these chemical agents in these tiny hard to clean areas, to prevent damage down the road. If you wear Pearls it will attack the Pearls and will dull and pit them and there is no way to undo the damage to pearls. Pearls should be the last item put on and the to first to take off.


Jewelry Care 4)             Paper & Cotton


DO NOT store your jewelry in paper boxes, cardboard or cotton filled boxes. the sulfur will promote tarnish. It would be a shame to buy a Christmas Gift in July and when you go to wrap it in December it looks tarnish and the beauty is fading before you have even gift it. If you are  buying it as a gift ask the owner if they have a zip lock bag, anti tarnish  bag or an anti tarnish strip to store with it. When you get ready to wrap it then put it in a box.


Jewelry Care 5)        Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs


DO NOT wear your jewelry into a hot tub, swimming pool, or a  mineral spring. This is a major no no. So many different problems can arise from this action. Chlorine and bromine are commonly used chemical products to prevent bacteria from growing in our drinking water, swimming pools and hot tubs. The levels of  chlorine and bromine found will cause gold alloys to crack in a little over 300 hours. Seems like a long time, but the damage is accumulative and the hours begins to add up quicker than you might think. Chlorine stress cracking is a chemical reaction between the gold jewelry and chlorine. Chlorine dissolves the alloys found in white and yellow gold and can cause vintage as well as new pieces of jewelry to break. It will accelerate the tarnishing of Sterling Silver jewelry.


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