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ChainMaille Earrings Bright Aluminum

“Byzantine Weave”

Size 2″ht x  1/4″wide

the color of silver but not the price.

ChainMaille Earrings Byzantine- Bright AluminumThis is a pair of Handmade ChainMaille Earrings used the ancient art of weaving. ChainMaille actually dates back to over 2700 years. Weaving ChainMaille has been  passion for several years. There is always a new design that I want to do. It is A Labor of love. Each piece has its own story and the artist becomes part of it.It just amazes me all the different designs you can do with just round wire. Made from aluminum means it is very light. These earrings have matching color pendant.

Weaving ChainMaille earrings must be precise for the pattern to hold its beauty and shape. If the jump rings are slightly too big the pattern is sloppy and not professional looking. If the rings are just slightly small you can not weave it. 

Cleaning is simple. Just dust with a cloth.  If needed you can use a soft brush with soap and water. 

 Will not tarnish like silver.

ChainMaille weaving is extremely time-consuming. This is one of the reason that very few artist devote their time to this art. They may offer a few items. I am very proud to be able to offer one of most extensive collections of ChainMaille Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Pendants and. I am always looking forward to the next design.

Handmade ChainMaille Earrings “Byzantine Weave” Bright Aluminum

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Have a school color or favorite sport team color check with me to see if there is a possible color combination!

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