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ChainMaille Copper Earrings

“Helm Weave”

Size: 1 3/4 “ht x 3/8″wide

Copper-Earrings-ChainMailleThis is a pair of handmade “Helms Weave” ChainMaille Copper Earrings. The Art of ChainMaille weaving has been a passion for me for several years now. It amazes me at all the different designs you can do with just round wire. There is always a new design that I want to do. It is a Labor of love. Each piece has its own story and the artist becomes part of the finished jewelry. Each piece is unique, whether it is the 1st time and or the fifth time you make it. That is because there is no machine making it.

ChainMaille is extremely time-consuming. These Copper earrings starts with taking copper wire and coiling it into a spring shape. Then put into a cutting jig where I cut the spring into hundreds of rings. Each jump ring is then open and weaved its own unique design. I must be precise for the pattern to hold its beauty and shape. If the jump rings are slightly too big the pattern is sloppy and not professional looking. If the rings are just slightly small you can not weave it. 

Why Buy from Me?                      

                     Quality and your Satisfaction is my goal!

Finishing to me is just as important as the creating and the weaving. This is where some artist get in a hurry. They have spent all their time creating. Now they just want to get started on the next project. I just do not get in a hurry at the end. I want to make sure the buyer has a smooth snag free keepsake jewelryI do this by tumbling the piece over a two-day process. I use four different tumbling media’s. 12 hours for each step. I know of no other artist taking this extra step. 

All Copper Products have been lacquer twice to help keep tarnish down and customers happy!

ChainMaille Copper Earrings       “Helms Weave”    

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The Ear wires are made from Niobium.It is a hypoallergenic material that is great to use in jewelry designs because it is safe for anyone to wear, especially those with metal allergies. Niobium has greater strength than sterling silver.

If you have any questions or suggestions please email me.

Thanks for taking your time to look at this handmade set of Copper Earrings ChainMaille “Helms Weave” 

I also have a photo gallery of many other works I do at Picturetrail.com

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