Copper Jewelry Water Swirl Pendant


The artist breathes life into a boring sheet of copper and It starts it’s incredible journey to become this Unique Copper Jewelry Pendant!


Copper Jewelry Water Swirl Pendant

Copper JewelryWater Swirls Pendant

Size 1 1/4″ diam  Matching Earrings


It amazes me what all I can make out of simple sheet of copper and a few basic tools. The Story stars as the artist breathes life into the boring sheet of copper. It will soon be this unique copper jewelry pendant



The Beauty of Handmade Copper Jewelry is that each piece is unique to itself the 1st time or the fifth time you make it. The story may starts with the artist but continues on its own unique journey with you the customer. It is a very cool feeling to be part of that.


The Process:


  • This Copper Jewelry Pendant starts with about 1 1/2″ sheet of Copper.

  • The design has been worked out in a computer.

  • Printed out on a label put on a  sheet of copper and then chemically etched for about an hour. 

  • Checking for the amount of depth I want in the design.

  • Once satisfied the copper jewelry is then put in a neutralizing bath to stop any further acid eating into the metal

  • The circle is then cut out to the finish size 1 1/4″

  • Hole is drilled for the Jump ring

  • Polished up then domed to give it a dimensional shape

  • Lacquered twice Now it is ready for sale


Why buy from me?


Finishing this Copper Jewelry Pendant is just as important as creating the piece. This is where some artist may get in a hurry. They have spent all their time creating and now they want to start on the next project. I have learn this it what sets my work apart from others there is no shortcuts. I do not get in a hurry at the end. I want to make sure  the buyer has a smooth snag free keepsake jewelry. I use a buffing machine and I go through a 6 step of different finishing brushes.


Quality and your Satisfaction is my goal!


I want you to receive compliments every time you wear this Water Swirl Copper Jewelry Pendant


The brightness of my copper jewelry may not come across as clear in the photos as they are in your hand. I have spent much time perfecting my own technique for the finishing. I then seal it with a special lacquer coating used for outdoor sculpture work. If at any time the lacquer fails just simply contact me and send it back I will recoat for free.


Comes with a rubber cord.


If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email me


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Thanks for taking the time to look at my handmade Water Swirl Copper Jewelry Pendant.



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