Daisy Sterling Earrings


The artist breathes life into a boring sheet  of Sterling Silver. It starts it’s incredible journey to become this very Unique Earrings!
  •    Size 1 1/2″ ht x 1 1/8″ wide   
  •    Quality and your Satisfaction is my goal!
  •    Handmade detailed saw cut design.
  •    Finishing is as important as creating your piece
  •    Sterling Silver Earwires No Nickel
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Sterling Earrings Daisy Saw Pierced Design


Sterling Earrings Daisy Saw Pierced Jewelry

Sized 1 1/2″ ht. x 1 1/8″ wide


Handmade Daisy Sterling Earrings made by what is called Saw Pierced Technique. Very,very detailed work!


The Process: Saw Pierced Sterling Earrings


It takes several different trial to get the design to where it not only pleasing to look at but it is able to be sturdy enough to be worn as Jewelry.

The design once drawn is  uploaded to my  computer where the design is tweaked some more. You cut out one pair and go back and tweak it some more. Once satisfied it is printed on a label where it is transfer to sheet of sterling silver in this case.


Each design element is center punch to create a divot for the drill bit to keep it own track. A very small hole is drilled .020″.  A saw blade is put in each hole and very slowly and carefully cut out. Followed by very small strips of sandpaper to finish shaping the design elements.


The outline is then cut out filed and sanded. Once satisfied with the looks its time to polish to finish the process. It can take from 3 hours to some of my very detailed pieces over 5 hours of very detailed work.


These are truly One of a Kind and a very Unique Sterling Earrings.


Ear wires are made from Sterling Silver NO NICKEL!


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