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Dichroic Pendant Emerald Butterfly


One of a Kind

“Emerald Mosaic Butterfly”

Size    Glass 2 3/8″   Overall Pendant 3″

No rubber cord included    too heavy for safe wearing.

Dichroic Pendant Mosaic Free Form Abstract Sterling Wrap

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Fused Dichroic Pendant Large Rectangle

One of a Kind

“Emerald Mosaic Butterfly Focal”

Size    Glass 2 3/8″     Overall Pendant  3″ height

Dichroic Pendant Emerald Mosaic ButterflyFor many years my jewelry work was mainly fused dichroic pendant and earrings work. As the years went buy my interest shifted from doing production glass work to working with metal. I have limited my glass work to just large and what I feel is standout pendant designs.  This is a beautiful sparkling dichroic pendant with a butterfly dichroic  in the center.

The Process    

It starts with cutting a large layer of base glass, this one was emerald. I then have close to 40 different small pieces of dichroic glass ready to stack. I use glue (this is just to keep the glass in place while building it) and stack a layer of dichroic glass. Then stack another layer of glass. I will scatter some small pieces of clear glass followed by another layer of dichroic glass. Once I have all the dichroic  stacked another layer of clear glass on top. The pendant is now close to 1/2″ high. Into the kiln where the glass is melted to where it becomes one solid layer of glass. I do not get in a hurry when I fire it nice and slow help to keep the bubbles down. I will now use a large band saw and cut the round design and grind it down to a nice shape.  I use a large hollow core drill bit and drill the center out where the butterfly design will go and drill a small hole for the sterling silver bail. Back into the kiln for what is called fire polish. The kiln work is complete. I put uv resin in the large hole. Once it is it set up I put the butterfly design in. Continue to put small layers of resin until it is built up. The sterling silver bail is made and the pendant is complete. Kiln time is 2 days to complete the dichroic pendant.

You will receive compliments every time you wear this dichroic pendant you will not find another one like this is truly a unique one of a kind dichroic pendant

This dichroic pendant does not come with a rubber cord due to the size and weight of this pendant it needs to be on a much more secure chain. It is best to be safe.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email me

Thanks for taking the time to look at my handmade Dichroic Pendant Emerald Mosaic Butterfly.





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