Earrings Mixed Metal Diamond Weave


The artist breathes life into a boring strips of Gold Fill & Sterling Silver wire and  It starts it’s incredible journey to become these Unique Earrings
  • Size: 2 “ht x ¾ “wide 
  • Quality and your Satisfaction is my goal!
  • Gold filled is an amazing, quality alternative to solid gold. 
  • Gold filled wears, looks and lasts like solid gold – its outer surface is Solid Gold.  
  • Gold filled is not to be confused with gold plating 
  • Anyone can wear gold filled without worries of any allergic reaction
  • Gold-Filled items are generally considered lifetime products
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Earrings Mixed Metal – 14kt Gold Fill & Sterling Diamond Weave

Earrings Mixed Metal Chainmaille Diamond Weave

Size 2″ ht. x 3/4″ wide


Handmade Jewelry 

Earrings Mixed Metals Euro Weave Diamond Earrings

Finishing to me is just as important as building the piece. This is where some artist get in a hurry they have spent all their time making it and want to get on to the next project. I do not get in a hurry at the end, I want to make sure  the buyer has a smooth snag free keepsake. I do that by tumbling the piece over a two day process that I use four different tumbling media’s 12 hours for each step. I know of no other person taking that extra step.


Quality and your Satisfaction  is my goal!


These are truly One of a Kind and a very Unique Sterling Earrings.


Ear wires are made from Sterling Silver NO NICKEL!


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