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Elizabeth Textured Copper Pendant


The artist breathes life into a boring strip of wire and It starts it’s incredible journey to become this pendant!
  •     Size 2″ ht x 1 1/2″ wide   
  •     Beauty of Handmade is that each piece is unique
  •     Quality and your Satisfaction is my goal!
  •     NO WAITING All Items ready to be shipped
  •     Finishing is as important as creating your piece
  •     Lacquered 
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Size 2″ ht x 1 1/2″ wide

"Elizabeth" Texture Copper Pendant

Handmade Copper Pendant 

“Elizabeth ” Texture Finish

This is a handmade Textured “Elizabeth” Copper Pendant. It amazes me with each new design that I do what can be created from a simple piece of wire and some basic tools.


 The artist breathes life into a boring wire. It starts it’s incredible journey from wire  to become this Copper Pendant.  This is a keepsake to be handed down. 


The story starts with the artist but continues on its own unique journey with you the customer. It is a very cool feeling to be part of that. Each piece is unique to itself the 1st time and the fifth time you make it. That is because there is no machine making it and no matter how hard I try it’s impossible to create 2 exactly alike. That is the beauty of handmade.


The Process:  


It starts with 8″ of 14 Gage  copper wire. I curl one end of the wire and go to the opposite end and start a smaller curl going the opposite direction. The wire then is formed around a 1″ mandrel. As I push the wire around the mandrel I have to force the wire to curl inside the 1″ and keep close to the outer wire. Once I have the wire close to where I want it, I flip it upside down and use a planishing hammer to flatten the wire on an anvil. I have to be careful that I keep the wire tightly nested inside of each other and maintain the round design. Tweak here and there to get it where I like it. I then take 2  small 4″ wire of Copper and bind the pendant design in two places, this helps secure the pendant shape.  It is now ready for the finishing process.


Why buy from me?


Finishing this Copper Pendant is just as important as creating the piece. This is where some artist get in a hurry. They have spent all their time creating and now they want to start on the next project. I have learn this it what sets my work apart from others. There are no shortcuts. I just do not get in a hurry at the end. I want to make sure  the buyer has a smooth snag free keepsake jewelry. I use a buffing machine and I go through a 6 step of using different finishing brushes. Once I am satisfied with the finish I then let it tumble for 12 hours to help work hard and burnish the shine further.


The brightness of my copper may not come across as clear in the photos as they are in your hand. I have spent much time perfecting my own technique for the finishing. I then seal it with a special lacquer coating used for outdoor sculpture work. If at any time the lacquer fails just simply contact me and send it back I will recoat for free.


Quality and your Satisfaction is my goal!


This Copper Pendant is very unique and you will be sure to receive compliments.


Comes with a rubber cord.


If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email me


I also have a photo gallery of many other works I do at Picturetrail.com


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Thanks for taking the time to look at my handmade Texture “Elizabeth” Copper Pendant.




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