Etched Copper Pendant Healing Hands



Handmade Domed Etched Copper Pendant

“Healing Hand” Native American Design

 Deep Etched  Satin Brush

Size  1 1/2″ ht x 1 1/4″ wide

A new Technique & Design!   

Etched Copper Pendant Healing HandsThis is a handmade Domed Deep Etched Copper Pendant “Healing Hand”.  This design is often associated with Native American pictographs in cave dwelling. It amazes me with each new design that I do what can be created from a simple sheet  of metal and some basic tools. The artist breathes life into a boring sheet of flat metal. It starts it’s incredible journey from a flat sheet  to become this Domed Etched Copper Pendant.  This is a keepsake to be handed down. The story starts with the artist but continues on its own unique journey with you the customer. It is a very cool feeling to be part of that. Each piece is unique to itself the 1st time and the fifth time you make it. That is the beauty of handmade.

The Process:  

It starts with the computer designing the pattern. Once the pattern is design, I use a laser printer and a special coated paper. The design is cut to the general shape and is transfer to the metal using a iron to heat the toner to help it adhere to the metal. Where there is black the metal will not be etched. After I am satisfied with the design transfer it time to etch. This is a process using a solution similar to an acid that will remove metal where there is no toner. This will take between 1 – 2 hours until I am satisfied with the depth of the etch. Once there its time to use a torch and soften the metal to where I can punch out the round shape. Then its time to dome the design. Then start the initial finishing.

Why buy from me?

     Quality and your Satisfaction is my goal!

Finishing this Etched Copper Pendant is just as important as creating the piece. This is where some artist get in a hurry. They have spent all their time creating and now they want to start on the next project. I have learn this it what sets my work apart from others there is no shortcuts. I do not get in a hurry at the end. I want to make sure  the buyer has a smooth snag free keepsake jewelry. I use a buffing machine  to give it a stain brush finish. Now it time to antique the piece, this is where the black comes in. The whole pendant is black. Now its back to the fine buffing disc and very fine sandpaper to remove the black from all but the deep etch lines.  Clean in acetone and then lacquer. As you can tell it is quite a process. The results when it works right is dynamite.

I seal it with a special lacquer coating used for outdoor sculpture work. If at any time the lacquer fails just simply contact me and send it back I will recoat for free.

You will receive compliments every time you wear this Etched Copper Pendant

Comes with a rubber cord.

Custom orders! Got a design you would like etched such as childrens name or dates.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email me

Thanks for taking the time to look at my handmade Deep Etched Copper Pendant “Healing hands”.


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16", 18", 20", 22", 24"


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