Handmade Jewelry – Butterfly Pendant


The artist breathes life into a boring sheet of sterling Silver and It starts it’s incredible journey to become this Textured Pendant!
  •     Size 1 3/4″ ht. x 3/4″ wide
  •     Beauty of Handmade is that each piece is unique
  •     Quality and your Satisfaction is my goal!
  •     Finishing is as important as creating your piece
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Handmade Jewelry Saw Pierced Butterfly Pendant


Handmade Jewelry Sterling Butterfly Saw Pierced Pendant


One of a Kind – Handmade Jewelry – Saw Pierced Pendant 


Size 1 3/4″ ht x 3/4″ wide


Why buy from this Handmade Jewelry from me?


Quality and your Satisfaction is my goal!



The Process:  Saw Pierced Statement Necklace


  • Design is created and uploaded to  my computer

  • The design is then tweaked and printed to check for what it actually looks like at scale.

  • Tweak again and then the design is cut in half vertically on the computer. (Usually one side looks a bit more pleasing than the other side.)

  • One side is deleted and a new design file is started. The good side is copied and past into the new design.

  • The side is copied again and then flipped so you can a exact copy of one side facing the other way. A left and right.

  • Too often if you do not do this step you will find one side is not a exact copy of the other side. Very disappointing when you put as many hours as I do in a piece to not be pleased with the final project. You will not get perfection but I do everything I can to make it not noticeable.

  • The Sterling Silver sheet is then run through the rolling mill to emboss the texture

  • The deign is printed on a label and transfer to the metal.

  • Every design element is center punch for the drill bit.

  • Drill each element.

  • A jewelers saw blade is put into the drilled hole and then slowly cut out.

  • File and sand the interior.

  • The border is cut and filed.

  • Polishing process is started.

  • Typically this project can take 3 – 4 hours.


This Sterling Handmade Jewelry is unique – elegant Pendant that will get you compliments every time you wear it.


Comes with a rubber cord. 


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Thanks for taking the time to look at my handmade jewelry “Butterfly” Sterling Saw Pierced Pendant.




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