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Men’s Bracelet Euro3 Row

Sterling Silver 12g 

Heavy Weight


“Euro 4-1 Weave”  3 Rows   3/4″ Wide

Custom Fitted for You


Free Cleaning


 You mail it to me 

I will clean it overnite

and pay postage back!





Men’s Bracelet ChainMaille


Sterling Silver 12g 

Heavy Weight


“Euro 4-1 Weave”  3 Rows   3/4″ Wide


Length  7″ up    

Custom Fitted for You


Men's Bracelet 12 gauge Euro 3 Row Sterling ChainMailleMen’s Bracelet Sterling Silver 12g Flat Euro Chainmaille Weave. Weighs very close to 3 oz of Sterling Silver. Chunky and it is built to take a beating. The link on this bracelet is over twice as thick as the normal Euro Weave bracelets that is design with women in mind. Has a large lobster clasp making it easier to take on and off without any help. 


Creating this Men’s Bracelet Handmade ChainMaille Sterling Bracelet was a step in a new direction for me. I have not built any jewelry that aimed just for men.This technique uses the ancient ChainMaille weaving that has been around for more than 2700 years. Handmade by me means it was created with  passion.

The Beauty of Handmade is it is unique to itself the first time or the 5th time I make it.


The artist breathes life into the wire and the wire starts its magical journey from a boring piece of wire to becoming this beautiful sterling chainmaille men’s bracelet. 


Why Buy this Men’s Bracelet From Me? 

Quality and your Satisfaction is my goal!


The Process – Men’s Bracelet Chainmaille


This Euro weave is a very popular weave in the chainmaille world. It is the most basic weave used for building armor. It is a flat weave and the rings over lap each other slightly helping to keep those nasty spear points from cutting through. This men’s bracelet is built to last a lifetime using a very heavy gauge wire thickness. The thicker the wire though the harder it is to manipulate the closure of the rings.  It is an wide flat bracelet.

The wire is first coiled into a long spring shape.  I then put the coil into a cutting  jig where the spring is cut into hundreds of jump rings. Each ring is then open and weaved its own unique design.  ChainMaille is extremely time-consuming. You must be precise for the pattern to hold its beauty and shape. If the jump rings are slightly too big the pattern is sloppy and not professional looking. If the rings are just slightly small you can not weave it. 


This is a purchase that will last a life time.


For a much wider selection of Handmade Jewelry please visit my other website


With all ChainMaille Necklaces and Sterling ChainMaille Bracelet I offer free cleaning just mail it to me it I will pay the mailing back.


How to care for your chainmaille bracelets       


Need a custom order?


Any questions or suggestions email me.


Thanks for taking the time to look at this  Handmade Sterling ChainMaille Men’s Bracelet Euro 4-1 Weave 3 Row.



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7" – $195, 7 1/4" – $205, 7 1/2" – $215, 7 3/4" – $225, 8" – $235, 8 1/4" – $245, 8 1/2" – $255

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Finishing to me is just as important as the creating and the weaving. This is where some artist get in a hurry they have spent all their time creating it. Now they just want to get started on the next project. I just do not get in a hurry at the end. I want to make sure the buyer has a smooth snag free keepsake jewelry. I do this by tumbling the piece over a two-day process. I use four different tumbling media's. 12 hours for each step. I know of no other artist taking this extra step. Free cleaning if you mail it back. You pay shipping to me I pay shipping back. Done the night I receive and back in the mail the next day