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Handmade Forged Sterling Necklace


“Figure 8  Infinity Link “ Necklace  


  27″ Length (Adjustable)


Handmade Figure 8 Link Sterling Necklace 1The artist breathes life into the wire and the wire starts its magical journey from a boring piece of wire to becoming this beautiful handmade forged Sterling Necklace. Each piece has its own story and the artist becomes part of it. Its unique journey continues with the story of you the owner. It is a very cool feeling to be part of the process. Each piece is unique to itself. That is because there is no machine making it.


The Process:


It amazes me at all the different designs you can do with just round wire. It starts with taking 2″ of 14 gage sterling wire and forming a round loop on one end then go to the opposite end and form another loop going in the opposite direction.The figure 8 design is then put on an anvil and is then forged flat using a special hammer. This is then repeated 45 times for this 27″ forged sterling necklace. Now open one end add a link and closed. The construction is done and its time for finishing.


Why Buy This Sterling Forged Necklace from Me?

    Quality and your Satisfaction is my goal!



The beauty of this necklace you can wear it any many different lengths. Each link is about 5/8″ length x .250 wide


This Necklace can be custom fitted for you if you want it at a set length.

The length can be shorten or I can build it longer for you.

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Please email me with any questions about this or any other jewelry item. I will be happy to respond.


Thank You, for taking time to look at this Forged Sterling Necklace “Figure 8 Link



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Finishing to me is just as important as the forging and the weaving. This is where some artist get in a hurry. They have spent all their time creating it. Now they just want to get started on the next project. I have learn not get in a hurry at the end. This is where the beauty really shines through. I want to make sure the buyer has a smooth snag free keepsake jewelry. Because this has been forged with a hammer extra time has to be taken to remove as many hammer marks as possible. I use a electric motor a series of 6 different radial bristle brushes to polish each link on both sides. Now it is ready to be tumbled for several hours to put a higher shine to the metal.