Saw Pierced Jewelry is one of my newest technique. This is mostly non production items where I will only do one of them and after it sells maybe I will do a second one. It is very intricate and time consuming. I use only the most basic tools jeweler’s saw, drill bits, files and sand paper.



The Process:  Saw Pierced Jewelry


  • Design is created and uploaded to  my computer

  • The design is then tweaked and printed to check for what it actually looks like at scale.

  • Tweak again. I usually cut the design out 2 -3 times before I have the design the way I want it.

  • The design is printed on a label and transfer to the metal.

  • Each design element is center punch for the drill bit.

  • Drill each element.

  • A jewelers saw blade is put through the drilled hole and then slowly cut out.

  • File and sand the design elements.

  • The border is cut, filed and sanded.

  • Polishing process is started. Working from 120 grit up to 3000 6 different brushes.

  • Typically this project can take 3 – 4 hours.


I have to give a heads up to a few of the artist that do this type of work. I am just learning and most of these works are not originals but designs of others that I have use to learn the art.


 Thanks  Tom